What makes an artist's work different over time? Is it life experience that compels an artist to explore more meaningful topics? Is it the heightened skills of seeing and feeling that add nuance to the work? Is it the striving for self-fulfillment to express something from within? Is it the quest to communicate a feeling to find commonality with others?


The work you see here for side-by-side comparison may look different, but the intrinsic desire that compels me to produce new work has not changed. I will always delight in the sweep of color, my soul will leap at shapes that intrigue my eyes, and I will find endless comfort in the themes that resonate in my soul.


It may be that an artist's work never really changes. Over time, the forms may be more elegant. The color pallet may be more sophisticated. The technique may make the work more craftsman like. But the artist within has not changed, nor has the delight in creating gifts to be shared by others.


We are all artists at some level, but we express that artistic drive in vastly different ways. Individuals who use the visual media of painting, sculpture, and photography delight in making something unique with their own hands. The product may be a simple doodle or a grand canvas filled with emotion and energy, or a wildly abstract image that boldly confronts the viewer.


For artists, a joy in the creative process is the common thread, and each product is a gift.