Welcome to my virtual gallery. I appreciate the opportunity your visit affords to share my work as a digital artist. Both fine art and portraits were done in digital format, though some of my earlier work was done on film. To make it convenient for you, I have divided my work into portfolios: Fine Art and Portraits.




As a photographer using the digital processes, I am challenged by the new freedom of expression and the ability to control the images from the instant of capture to the final hand-crafted image on the digital printer. You may purchase prints of my work with the assurance of receiving archival quality image transfer and mounting. All prints are produced on professional-quality digital ink printers using archival-quality paper.





After spending many years working with film, I believe the advent of digital photography has opened an entirely new genre of visual expression. While the vision of the artist must still compel the viewer, now through the editing process the final expression can have a new dimension of richness and immediacy. So, like the child with a new box of colors or the artist who has discovered new paints, this is an exciting time of discovery and innovation for me using digital media. The work you see here has been artfully handled at every level to produce a multi-level image to communicate what I saw and felt.




You can be schedule appointments for both in my studio and on location. Prices are based on the size and finishing you desire. You can contact me at my studio or by cell phone. My studio is located behind my home.


Address:  11746 Dixfield Drive

Dallas, TX  75218


Studio: 214-340-6605


Cell:  214-794-3231