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The process of creativity has long been a topic of interest to me. It is not some magical gift. I learned early on the value of reading widely and keeping organized files of ideas and clippings. I found that most of the clients I worked with simply needed an infusion of new ideas for their enterprises. I found reading widely in other areas of endeavor helped me develop new ideas and to understand how various systems worked. I believed that for-profit organizations had things non-profits could benefit from and vise versa. Businesses understood the cycle of selling, but non-profits understood how to treat their supporters. I was in the business of cross pollenating ideas.


Visual creativity was my favorite area of interest. First in photography and editorial illustrations and later in news photography and storytelling. I realized that the visual was indeed a language with syntax and vocabulary exactly paralleling the verbal language. My take on the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” was “ a great picture was better than a thousand crumby words.”

(Writers hate that)



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